Back to work

Back to work styling tips

After spending holiday season dresses in relaxed, casual clothes you might feel stressed about idea wearing formal office clothes again.

Good news:  the strictures of office style have shifted towards more casual style. However, it doesn’t mean they’ve disappeared entirely. 

For the sake of your job—and your self-respect—you should still be dressing to send the right impression. But now everything depends on context. What kind of office is it? How do your coworkers (and boss) dress? If your office rules still call for a suit, then suit it is. If casual Friday is now a everyday code, here’s some tips how to get dressed for casual office.

Polo shirt

Polo shirt is casual but more dressed up than a t-shirt. Make sure that your polo shirt is ironed for more professional look. A knit polo shirt is the perfect way to walk the business-casual line. 


Instead of baggy khakis, reach for a pair of more tailored chinos with perfect fit. Well-fitting chinos are often as good as pair of suit trousers. 

If you are wearing jeans, try to elevate them with a proper lace-up shoes. Or at least check that your sneakers are clean. 


V-neck knit or a cardigan is a classic piece that works always. Pair it up with collar shirt for more dressed-up look or with t-shirt for casual look. Shirt with bold pattern is the trendiest one in Autumn 2020 Fashion Trends.