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Ellesse mont 2 jacket

Ellesse – retro athleisure clothes and apparel

Ellesse was founded by Leonardo Servadio in Italy back in  1959. The name Ellesse derives from Servadio’s initials, “L.S.”

Ellesse grew in popularity during the 1970s as a producer of skiwear such as quilted jackets and ski pants. Another sport with which Ellesse has been closely associated since its early years is tennis. The Ellesse logo references the form of a tennisball with the shape of the tips of a pair of skis.

Through the 1970s and 1980s, Ellesse gained a reputation for combining sportswear functionality with street-level fashion styling. It was one of the first sportswear brands to feature their logo prominently on the outside of their garments. This is still today the core in Ellesse clothing and apparel collections.

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