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Makia Clothing – Casual Men’s Clothing from Finland

Hailing from the old workers’ district in Helsinki Finland, comes Makia clothing. A modern, yet old fashioned clothing company that reflects the Finnish tradition of simple straight forward design.

Established in an old shipyard building, Makia has the spirit of building clothing products to last even the roughest seas.

Make claims having stood long enough in cold rain, to favor a simple and functional design that focuses on materials respecting the harsh Northern climate.

Makia produces easily approachable clothes to stand the test of time, equally in quality and over trends. Makia thrives for making designs as usable and functional as possible, to become a part of our customer’s everyday life. No-nonsense clothing that you won’t want to throw away. Aukia’s Makia clothing shop carries a wide range of apparel and accessories, like jackets, sweaters, hoodies, knitwear, shirts, t-shirts, pants and shoes.