Give love to your knits

Samsoe knit

Best way to be an environment friendly consumer is to take good care of your clothes. Knitted sweaters made from premium quality materials are your long-life friends when taken good care of. Here is some how to -tips.

Give your knits some air
Best practice taking care of your knits is to air them. You can air your knit to get rid of smells. Nature materials like wool clean themselves when hanging them in fresh air, especially when temperature is below zero.

Remove pilling like a pro
Pilling is a pill. We recommend using special wool combs to remove pills and renew the finish on heavier-knit items. You can also shave your sweater with a cheap razor to show those little balls of fuzz who’s boss, but do not press the razor too heavily against the knit. 

Follow the garment’s care labels 
Most cotton and cotton blends can be machine washed, while cashmere should always be hand washed or dry cleaned. If you choose to hand wash, use a mild detergent or soap.. Always dry clean wool or wool blends. Remove stains immediately with correct detergent for the quality.

 Let your sweaters air dry
The trick to drying your sweaters quickly without throwing them in the dryer? Roll your sweater up in a towel like a sushi roll to ring out the water (never squeeze) and then lay it flat. Wet cashmere can take a couple of days to dry, so make sure you leave enough time before you want to wear it again. Another fun trick is to put your sweater in a salad spinner to spin off excess water. Then lay flat to dry.