Back to work

Back to work styling tips

After spending holiday season dresses in relaxed, casual clothes you might feel stressed about idea wearing formal office clothes again. Good news:  the strictures of office style have shifted towards more casual style. However, it doesn’t mean they’ve disappeared entirely.  For the sake of your job—and your self-respect—you should still be dressing to send the right […]

Layer up

TommyJean Layers

Mild winter weather calls for layered dressing.  Secret in layering up lies on materials and versatile pieces which are easy to combine into good looking and practical outfit.  Knit is absolutely best piece for layering up. Wool is warmest of all materials. Thin merino wool is great for all seasons, thicker lambswool perfect for colder season.  Organic […]

Looking for warm winter coat?

Canada Goose

Temperatures are sinking below zero. It’s time to change your mid-season coat to warmer one. When assisting customers we often hear questions “Is this coat really warm?” Warmest coats have down insulation. Down is natural insulation: organic and ecological. Down is a fantastic insulator as the loft (or fluffiness) of down creates thousands of tiny air […]

Introducing Peak Performance

Peak Performance

Leisurewear for everyday use Snow covered mountains, city streets and remote forest trails – it’s all home to Peak Performance.Peak Performance was founded 1986 in Åre, Sweden, by two passionate skiers who wanted to revolutionize ski wear. Today, mission for Peak Performance is to make active life easier. Design unite style and performance and create […]

Scandinavian men’s fashion


Curated selection in is concentrated in scandinavian men’s casual fashion.  To us scandinavian casual fashion means designer labels from Scandinavia but also international labels with scandinavian look. Our aim is to offer on one site all clothing a man needs: coats and jackets, pants and jeans, hoodies and sweaters, shirts and t-shirts. What is scandinavian […]

Made with Organic Cotton

You have seen words Organic Cotton quite often lately, right? There is a good reason for that.  We, as well as many clothing brands, are concerned about The Mother Earth and try to find out ways to offer You clothes that will not ruin our planet. Organic cotton is one solution in reaching this target.  […]