Keep your sneakers white

White sneakers

White sneakers are the best shoes for summer season. Even better they are when they really look white. So, take care of your white sneakers.

Treat – wear – repeat.

Treat your new sneakers with sneaker protection. Note that there is one protection for canvas sneaners and another one for leather ones. Sorry to tell you that one treatment is not going to last for the entire summer. When the sneakers begin to look greyish instead of white, clean them with soft cloth or brush and use the sneaker protection again.

Additional tip…

If your sneakers start to smell, spray them with Sneaker odor. Or use one of these old-fashioned tips:

  • Baking Soda – A natural deodorizer
  • Cotton Balls – With a few drops of essential oils
  • Sunshine – Dries shoes out and prevents bacterial growth
  • Your Freezer – Sealed in a Ziploc bag, of course!
  • Lemon Peels – Adds a fresh scent
  • Rubbing Alcohol – A natural antiseptic that dries quickly
  • A Bar Of Soap – Absorbs odors and leaves a fresh scent

(Picture: Fila Disruptor Low)