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Payment Methods

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Maksuturva - Most International Credit Cards and more

Buyers  can use Maksuturva service for easy payments with all major payment methods (credit cards, pay by invoice, credit, bank payments). Maksuturva gives secure way to pay and an easy channel for customer product and returns. 

Payment fee 0€.

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PayPal - Pay Pal account and Credit Cards

Pay Pal can be used if Maksuturva systems doesn’t support your credit card and supports also cards from outside EU-area (for example Russia).

Payment fee 0€. 

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About Maksuturva Payment System

Flexible payment time with invoice or part payment by Maksuturva

Invoice and part payment give your more time to pay for your online purchases. Using these payment methods, you can wait for your order to arrive before you pay for it. You can pay for the purchase all at once with an invoice, or choose one-time credit, where you can choose the payment time and monthly instalments that suit you best.

Invoice gives you time to pay

With invoice you get 14 days of interest-free payment time for your online purchases. You can inspect the order, and you have the option of returning it before paying. The payment method is intended for purchases between €20 and €2,000.

To pay with invoice, you need an approved credit decision. The decision is requested seamlessly during the purchase. To apply, you must be 20 years of age and have a Finnish personal identity code and a permanent official home address in Finland. Your credit rating will also be checked.

Once you have received an approved credit decision and confirmed your purchase, you will receive an invoice for your purchase by email or post. If you would like more time to pay the invoice, you can make a part payment agreement at making the part payment agreement, you only need to pay the agreement’s first instalment on the invoice. More information about part payment will be included with your invoice.

Part payment helps balance your budget

Part payment is a convenient way of distributing the cost of a purchase over several months. In part payment, you choose the monthly instalment that suits you best and make a part payment agreement when you make the purchase. Part payment is intended for purchases between €30 and €2000. The maximum amount can be higher if this has been agreed between the web store and Collector Bank. Update the maximum amount if necessary.

Part payment is a form of one-time credit, meaning you get time to pay for a single purchase and are not bound by a permanent credit relationship. The credit will be paid off within the agreed period by paying at least the agreed monthly sum. Please read the terms of credit carefully before signing the agreement.

Part payment requires you to have an approved credit decision. The decision is requested during the purchase. To apply, you must be 20 years of age and have a Finnish personal identity code and a permanent official home address in Finland. Your credit rating will also be checked.

Once you have confirmed the purchase, you will receive a monthly invoice by email or post until the credit is paid off. At, you can view your payment plan and postpone due dates, if necessary. The monthly fee for each instalment is €3,95 and the interest rate is 22 %. The effective annual interest rate for a credit of €1000 with a typical payment time of 12 months is 35,92 % including the interest rate and monthly fees. The total sum of the example purchase with a payment time of 12 months is €1158,04 including credit.

Customer service regarding invoices and part payment

Invoices and one-time credit are provided by Collector Payments Finland Oy. Collector Bank’s customer service will help you with all matters related to invoices, one-time credit and payment for purchases.

Online service:

Telephone service: +358 2 2700 550 Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m (standard local or long distance charge).

Processing returns and cancellations

When you return your purchase according to the instructions given by the merchant, Collector Bank will be automatically notified and no further action is required on your part. If you only return part of your purchase, you can deduct that amount from the sum of the invoice you receive. In part payment, the amount of the return will be automatically deducted from the last instalments of the part payment plan. This will allow you to pay off the credit sooner.

If you have paid your invoice but decide to return the product regardless, please send your personal and bank details by email to Collector Bank’s customer service so we can return your payment.
Email:, otsikolla Collector Payments Finland Oy/suorituksen palautus.

Personal information and the credit decision

Your personal details will be requested to make the credit decision required by invoice and part payment. The information is relayed using a secure, SSL/TLS encrypted connection. The credit provider, Collector Payments Finland Oy will verify your personal and address information with the Population Information System and check the credit information register to see if you have any payment defaults. The credit decision is also influenced by your previous behaviour as a customer of Collector Bank. If your credit decision is negative, you can contact Collector Bank’s customer service to find out more about the reason. The personal identity code you enter and the credit decision information are not saved in the customer register of the merchant.

When you use this payment method, your identity may be verified using the TUPAS identification service and your bank identifiers. The verification service allows you to identify yourself using the online services of the following banks: Osuuspankki, Nordea, DanskeBank, Handelsbanken, Aktia, Säästöpankki, POP Bank, Oma Säästöpankki, S-Bank and Ålandsbanken. It is also possible to verify your identity using a mobile certificate.

Data privacy

Collector Payments Finland Oy, as a data controller, processes your personal data when we handle your credit application, perform a credit decision, manage your customer relationship or when we provide customer service to you. We need your personal data in order to be able to process your credit application. The failure to provide the requested data will prevent the handling of your application.

In order to ensure impartial, fluent and reliable processing of each credit application, we utilize automated decision-making where we process your personal data. You have the right to contest this automated decision and request that your credit application is re-processed manually by contacting Collector Bank’s customer service.

More information about data privacy, the data subject ́s rights including right of access and automated decision-making from our web pages

Credit terms

The invoice and one-time credit are provided by and the personal information register is kept by Collector Payments Finland Oy, PL 79, 00101 Helsinki. After an approved credit decision, the invoice or the one-time credit is transferred to Collector Payments AB. Additional information, including answers to frequently asked questions, can be found at

You can view the general terms of credit for invoices and part payment and save them from this link: 
general terms of credit
Also see: Standard European Consumer Credit Information

Contact information for the payment service provider:

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