Scandinavian men’s fashion


Curated selection in is concentrated in scandinavian men’s casual fashion.  To us scandinavian casual fashion means designer labels from Scandinavia but also international labels with scandinavian look. Our aim is to offer on one site all clothing a man needs: coats and jackets, pants and jeans, hoodies and sweaters, shirts and t-shirts.

Peak Performance

What is scandinavian men’s fashion? Modern liberal society, harsh natural elements, respect for nature and equality between men and women has formed the everyday life in many ways. This evolution can be seen in scandinavian men’s fashion that it has to be both trendy and practical – casual and equal, often minimalistic.

Knowledge Cotton Apparel

Brands at Aukiamenswear describe themselves with attributes like gettingthrough the rough seas (Makia), clothing created for everyday use in the urban environment (Peak Performance), naturally fashionable (Knowledge Cotton Apparel), minimalistic style (Samsoe&Samsoe), clean lines (Tiger of Sweden) and equal (Marimekko).

As you see, there is a reason why these brands have been selected to