Nordic winter driving

Frozen car winter driving

Driving you car trough arctic winter can be tricky, but with these eight Scandinavian winter driving tricks you will do just fine.

  • Warm your car beforehand. Modular electric or gasoline warmer gets your car to cozy warmth beforehand, helps to preserve engine and traffic safety
  • Scrape those windows well. Visibility has to be 100% especially when it’s nearly always dark outside.
  • Brush any extra snow off the roof. Don’t forget to remove snow also from the roof if you don’t want to loose visibility when braking.
  • Have your jump start cables or external battery booster ready. Winter is an enemy to your car’s battery.
  • Slow down. Your car might get out of control much easily on the icy roads. Modest speed gives you ability to react to surprises.
  • Keep distance. Stopping might be slower when roads are slippery.
  • Winter tyres are the best life insurance during cold months. Even four wheel drives always need winter tyres!
  • Remember to have enough clothing in the car. Engine problems are usual during cold months and it can be dangerous to get stranded in the arctic in a cold car without decent outerwear. You winter parka might be a lifesaver!